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This Folkracer was used in Robot-SM 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The car was based on the HBX Micro Buggy bought at Teknikmagasinet



I replaced all the ballbearings and ripped out all the electronics (except the motor). I replaced the steering servo with a SG90 servo, which has only three wires, and is easy to control using PWM.

The day before the competition it looked like this

2016-04-30 11.02.41.jpg

A last minute change was to add a wooden bumper all around the car, to prevent the rubber wheels from crashing into the wall.

2016-05-07 11.46.58.jpg


The car uses a custom PCB board, which holds a Teensy, a tca9548apwr I2C multiplexer, and connectors for servos and IR sensors.

The schematics for the PCB is freely available on GitHub: https://github.com/NorbotNorway/KiCadTeensyFolkracePro

A HC-05 Bluetooth module can be installed into the PCB to enable Bluetooth communication between the car and a PC/mobile. This is used for troubleshooting and tweaking settings in the car.

In the front of the car are three GP2Y0E02B digital I2C sensor with 4-50cm range.


The code for the car is custom made for this PCB. The code is in the GitHub repository mentioned above, in the Arduino/folkracer folder.


The IR sensor holder was drawn in Fusion 360 and 3D printed. The base of the car is a hand-cut aluminum plate.